Rental Spaces

The Local Council of Women, Halifax operates the House with funds from long-term office rentals and daily rentals of the public space. We welcome community and private groups.  The House is suitable for many events, including birthdays, showers, receptions, weddings, business meetings, and craft shows.

The public rooms are the large double parlour to the right of the front entrance, the sun porch, the kitchen, and the butler’s pantry which is located between the parlour and the kitchen. The washroom is at the end of the entrance hall. In addition to our public space that consists of two large reception rooms and a large, bright sun porch, facilities are available to prepare and serve tea and coffee.  Pictures of rental spaces can be seen below. For more information, contact the rental coordinator:

See full list of Renters’ Rules.

Rental Rates:

General Public Rentals – $40 per hour, $125 per half day, $200 per full day

Affiliate or Member Rentals (Non-Profit Rate) – $25 per hour, $80 per half day, $150 per full day

You must read the Renters’ Rules and complete, sign and return the Rental Application Form to to confirm your space.

Rental Application Form


Entry and exit to the House by Daily Renters is by the Ramp Door only. The required key will be found in the lock box located immediately to the right of the Ramp door.  A four-digit code is required to open the lock box.  This code, which is frequently changed, will be provided to authorized users.

We Supply

In the pantry there are: a tea urn, a coffee urn, dishes and cutlery, cups and saucers.

In the kitchen there are:  a stove, a microwave oven, and a refrigerator.  The refrigerator is shared with our tenants but some space is available for use by our guests.

Extra tables and chairs are stored in the corner of the main floor hall.

The following equipment is also available for use:  piano, a microphone, screen, digital projector.  WiFi is also available.


The Local Council of Women Halifax is fortunate to have their House located on a four-lane, lightly-travelled city street.  Parking is allowed on both sides of the street.  There is accessible parking directly in front of the building.

Flames & Smoking

The Women’s Council House is over 100 years old and is constructed almost entirely of wood.  The Council takes special care to avoid flames.  The fireplaces have been sealed and we ask that smokers indulge only on the sidewalks, well separated from the steps/ramps.

Some Things We Ask of Our Guests

  • Furniture may be rearranged as appropriate for your meeting/event.  We ask that all furniture be replaced as found, with special care not to block exits, especially the door in the sun room leading to the ramp. 
  • Please wash and dry dishes thoroughly and return them to cupboards where they were found.
  • Garbage containers for compost and regular refuse are provided in the kitchen.  For bottles and cans, please use the labelled plastic bags provided.
  • Please pay the rental fee by cheque to “Local Council of Women Halifax” and drop the cheque in the slotted-top box on the table in the foyer.  Invoice and receipts are available upon request.
  • At the end of your visit, please return the key to the lock box, and scramble the numbers.  Please make sure the lock box cover is closed securely.